The company FARMA CHALASTRAS S.A., focusing on consumer’s satisfaction, chooses high quality meats.

Taking into consideration a healthy diet, selects exclusively Greek meats, while creating a unique consumer-products relation.


Η κάθετη μονάδα σφαγείου τριών γραμμών (Βοοειδών – Αμνοεριφίων – Χοίρων) εδρεύει στην αγροτική περιοχή της Χαλάστρας.

The vertical three-line slaughterhouse unit (cattle-lambs-swine) is located in the rural area of Chalastra.

Its modern building facilities occupy an area of 2000 m2 and its auxiliary facilities, 600 m2.

The mechanical equipment that is used for the slaughtering process is one of the most modern.

Slaughterhouse capacity comes up to 2500 tn per year for cattle, lambs and swine.

The unit has rapid pre-cooling chambers, where the incoming carcasses are pre-cooled in a few hours and are then stored in maintenance-waiting rooms.

The volume of cold stores allows the storage of each type of meat in separate areas.


The cold cuts production unit has specialized staff and modern mechanical equipment.

FARMA CHALASTRAS S.A. applies a food safety management system that is in compliance with HACCP and ELOT EN ISO 22000:2005 standard.

The company continuously trains its human resources through training programs and seminars, while at the same time giving great emphasis on issues concerning hygiene and safety of products.

The top quality raw materials and the careful selection of Greek meat, processed at the company’s facilities, give FARMA CHALASTRAS S.A. cold cut products high quality and special flavor.

Our products contain a minimum amount of salt and are gluten-free, creating a unique consumer-product relation.


One of the three activities of the company within Corporate Social Responsibility is the neutralization of Class 2 and 3 materials.

Its capacity is 1200Kg/h in raw material. Sterilization is carried out by direct steam injection at 1330C and 3 bar pressure for 20 minutes.

The neutralization unit processes animal by-products resulting from the operation of the slaughterhouse and other activities.

The function of neutralization not only meets the needs of the company, but receives Class 2 and 3 materials from other companies, in order to inactivate them as the law prescribes.


The company’s second activity within Corporate Social Responsibility is the incineration of by-products, which has a capacity of 500Kg/h.

At the incineration unit end all the Class 1 by-products, derived from the operation of the slaughterhouse.

The final ash that results is approximately 5% of the initial weight and is disposed in an approved landfill space.

The operation of incineration not only meets the needs of the company, but also receives Class 1 by-products from other companies, in order to be incinerated and disposed as the law prescribes.


The company’s third activity within Corporate Social Responsibility is the Biogas Energy Unit.