The company FARMA CHALASTRAS S.A. was founded in 1997, when the president Tsoposidis Savvas renovated an existing butcher shop at Kapani market of the city of Thessaloniki and started his occupation in the area of meat marketing.

His hard work combined with his exaggerating zeal, triggered his involvement in the area of meat wholesale.

The careful selection of live cattle, lambs and swine made him unique in the market for the excellent quality of his products.

However, his creativity didn’t stop, as in the year 2001 he invested in the creation of a vertical slaughterhouse.

This modern three-line unit (cattle-lambs-swine) quickly became known and accepted customers from all over Greece.

The exclusive marketing of meat only from Greek livestock, which was inspected by public official veterinarians, drove him –in 2006- to meat processing.

The unexpected response of Northern Greece market towards standard meat raises the idea for cold cut production, focusing always on quality and a healthy diet.

As a result of this direction, FARMA CHALASTRAS S.A. cold cut products are now well known both for their special flavor and their quality, as they are gluten-free and contain a minimum amount of salt.
At the end of 2010 a large capacity Unit of processing Class 2 materials (Rendering) is completed.

At 2012 another activity is added, that of an Incineration Unit of Class 1 materials.

The latter 2 activities allow the company to directly process its slaughterhouse by-products and to provide services to third parties by processing or destroying by-products.

The company’s recent activity is an 1MW Biogas Plant.